Playfulness and Mindfulness - Improvising from the Inside Out

Datum: Mittwoch, 2. August 2017 (13:00 -19:00) Donnerstag, 3. August 2017 (10:00 -17:00) Freitag, 4. August 2017 (10:00 -17:00) Samstag, 5. August 2017 (10:00 -17:00) Sonntag, 6. August 2017 (09:00 -13:00)
Lehrern : Steve Clorfeine & Wilma Vesseur
Koordinator : Christoph Zihlmann
Kontaktperson : Christoph Zihlmann
Summer-Workshop 2017 with Steve Clorfeine and Wilma Vesseur

A six-day workshop with Steve Clorfeine and Wilma Vesseur in Trogen near St. Gallen
Wednesday 2. to Sunday 6. August 2017

In the morning session we will work with structured improvisations in movement and sound - explorations which provide a bridge to individual/ ensemble investigation of themes and inspirations.  These improvisations can also provide studies for personal performance material.  To support the practice of improvisation, we include basic meditation and awareness practices, including space awareness exercises and variations of the Viewpoints work. We work with the experience of "coming from nothing" - working with our natural playful energies.

Afternoon Session: Space in the Body – The Body in Space/  Body-Mind® Centering/ Movement Lab/ Improvisation.
In mapping the body’s interior we’ll find impulses to move with an embodied sense of innate structures and natural flow. This Movement Lab is specifically inspired by our embryological envelopment and development. Cells moving in space are creating a front and back, center and peripheries, a verticality, an up and down. We create ourselves in defining space. Movement and fluidity precede form. Structures evolve, dissolve and transform. Space holds and moves us. We play with an awareness of space within and space around ourselves. In perceiving where we are in space, relationship and composition will arise.

Steve Clorfeine has been teaching movement-theater and performing since 1974.  He is one of the original faculty at Naropa University in Colorado. He was a member of Barbara Dilley’s dance ensemble (1974-1990); Meredith Monk’s company, (1976-'86); and Ping Chong's company (1980-'83).
Since 1989 he’s been teaching theater improvisation workshops throughout Europe including The Amsterdam Theaterschool SNDO; Remscheid Academy, Germany; Movement Therapy Institute, Switzerland; Drama Therapy School, Athens; and Re-Source, Germany/Morocco. He has directed workshops and residencies in Nepal and India since 2002 as well as meditation and Dharma Art at many Shambhala Centers in Europe and the U.S. He was a founding member of the arts faculty of the Authentic Leadership Conference (A.L.I.A.) and an adjunct in the MFA Performance Studies program at Naropa University.

Wilma Vesseur (NL, CH) is a Dancer, Performer and certified Body-Mind Centering Teacher.
Her Background in New Dance, Theology, Training in Meditation of Dance and Body-Mind Centering laid the foundation for her work. Further research in a variety of bodywork and meditation schools, in Authentic Movement, Butoh and The Viewpoints provided additional sources of inspiration for her dance.
Her choreographies have made her well-known in Europe. With her arrangements of the Christmas Oratory and the Mass in B-Minor by J.S. Bach she has pioneered new approaches to dance interpretations of music. But it is above all contemporary music to which she provides access by means of movement. In improvisation, she encourages awareness, expressed both inwardly and outwardly.
Wilma runs ´SubsTanz – Atelier für Kontemplativen Tanz´ in Trogen (Switzerland). Her international Training programs have been successful since 1995.
With the musician Christoph Schumacher and Martin Scheiwiller and their company „Nü“ she performed dance lyric inspired by the moment on stages throughout Europe.  With Andrew Marcus (USA), Wilma developed invisble performances in public environments. Currently with Marchel Ruygrok (Architect) from the Netherlands she explores performative strategies in more or less designed spaces.

The workshop is open to all, no prerequisites required.
Maximum 20 participants.
Steve and Wilma will teach in english, there will be translation if necessary.

Cost: CHF 600.-. For people from Euro-countries € 450.-. Reduction possible upon request.

In Trogen there are private accomodations from Fr. 40.- and hotels from Fr. 60.-. Staying overnight in the workshop space costs Fr. 20.-.

Information about the workshop and about accomodation
Wilma Vesseur: [email protected], Tel +41 (0)76 438 91 16

Christoph Zihlmann: [email protected], Tel +41 (0)79 285 21 66, or directly on the website.
There will be further informationen together with  a formal confirmation of registration.

This workshop is a collaboration with SubsTanz/ Wilma Vesseur and Shambhala Zürich.